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NJ Candidates Make Appearance On Thunder Radio

Jun 29th 2018, 8:37 pm
Posted by harold7212
Thunder Radio has earned the nickname "The Big Show" by the loyal and increasing number of East Coast radio listeners. With that being said, the locals in New Jersey have been challenged with economic and political issues for an extended amount of time. In an attempt to address these issues, Thunder Radio extended an invitation to a number of candidates. Two candidates, in particular, surprised "The Big Show" by paying a visit to discuss how they believe they can solve some of these problems.

If you know anything about politics, then you understand why most politicians run in the opposite direction of the media whether it be on a local, state, or global platform. Why? It's because the TRUTH hurts. In a wealthy and struggling state like New Jersey, local politicians may find it difficult to face hard questions regarding what may have gone wrong in the Garden State. That all changed on Sunday when Natalie Rivera, an Independent candidate for the United States Senate and Republican Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire appeared on "The Big Show".

Hosted by Joe Kane and Emily Aikens, Thunder Radio has long been known as a bar none show that tackles anything and everything related to the Garden State. So, it came as no surprise when Joe and Emily immediately launched a slew of questions at both candidates as they hit the air waves. We're programmed to hear normal talking points from the politically correct candidates that we have been infested with. But, this was different.

One thing became obvious at the outset of the show. Candidates Natalie Rivera and Vincent Squire both exhibited a genuine interest in fixing the ailing problems that have disturbed New Jersey for decades. Even though they disagreed on some issues, they did find common ground with others. Ultimately, it was refreshing to see candidates take the time to engage in meaningful dialogue with the people of New Jersey instead of running 30 second TV commercials degrading each other.

When millions are dumped into New Jersey elections only to hold a position that earns less than $200,000 annually, motives begin to get questioned. As elections commence, one thing is unambiguous. The residents of the Garden State are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with voting in general.

The increasing cost of homes, taxes, and healthcare has unfortunately become the norm. It's the secondary expenses like gas, insurance, and food that have local families experiencing the dramatic squeeze. Even families with dual incomes can't escape the negative impact. Most families are a paycheck away from losing everything they rigorously worked for. Nevertheless, Natalie Rivera and Vincent Squire are candidates that are worth being analyzed. Let's not forget the importance and the power of voting.
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