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Ways to Maximize Productivity With Evernote

Jun 28th 2018, 10:17 pm
Posted by abigailo53
The Evernote application is available on your smartphone and computer. It allows you to send voice notes, pictures, and text into a cloud-based application that organizes the content. I use Evernote on a daily basis in these three specific ways, saving me a great amount of time. Take advantage of these tips and you will be on your way to becoming an Evernote power-user.

how to use evernote1. Use Evernote to do your taxes.

The most difficult part of doing my taxes is the time consuming paperwork I must do that involves me and an unruly pile of receipts and financial statements. Now that I do taxes the Evernote way I save hours of time I used to spend sorting through receipts. I scan all my bank statements, receipts, and other financial statements into Evernote. To save even more time, I send the scan to my Evernote account from the scanner using my Evernote email alias. Evernote automatically places the scans into labeled folders for easy retrieval later. When its time to total up those items they are already in one place. I can even search for text within those documents at a later date.

2. Tweet directly to Evernote.

Twitter is full of great ideas and Evernote is the best way to capture them in an organized, searchable format. Link your twitter account with your Evernote account and its easy to send content directly to Evernote. To send public tweets add @myEN to the body of any public tweet. Archive direct messages by sending them to myEN. Twitpics are supported and work great with Evernote.

3. Take advantage of application integration.

There are many smartphone apps that work in conjunction with Evernote.
I use Pixelpipe to update all my social networking applications at one time, as well as send the update to Evernote. I use Qipit White, which is designed to take clean whiteboard pictures, to send pictures of whiteboard sessions directly into Evernote. I use Muji Note to take handwritten notes or add text to a picture then save it to Evernote. There is a whole pile of apps that work well with Evernote, all available from the "trunk" tab inside your Evernote account.

More about Evernote
Whether you're writing an RFP response or studying for a certification test, you probably spend more time gathering the pieces of information you need than actually working. Getting all of your meeting notes together, hunting for quotes, and tracking down technical information takes at least as long as the work you need to do! Make this a group project and it all gets more complicated. Sharing information and collaborating on the production of a document is even more difficult without the proper tools. The Evernote application is the antidote to clutter and is available on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

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