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There Is No Greater Joy!

Jul 2nd 2018, 8:09 am
Posted by gracejeann
It is not about children, it is about grandchildren. You must make it through children to get to grandchildren. Some people give up. Hang in there, do not give up, grandchildren are on the way.

There is no greater joy in the world in my humble opinion than grandchildren. Grandchildren do not always listen either, however you can sometimes buy their love and leave or send them home.

You can buy more happiness with a heart filled with joy, than a pocket full of money. One can not tell someone about the joy of grandchildren. One must experience the joy to know what a grandparent is talking about.

Just to be in my grandchildren's presents is such a gift. If I knew what I did right to have four perfect grandchildren, I would write a book and tell everyone just do it.

You never hear many parents brag about how smart their children are. Just listen to grandparents and that is all you hear about is how smart their grandchildren are.

Ask a grandparent to see the pictures of their grandchildren, and you are in for a long visit. No matter how old your children get, parents always feel responsible for them. You are not responsible for your grandchildren. If you have any concerns regarding where by and how to use No Greater Joy Ministries, you can contact us at our own page. If they throw a rock and break someone's window, it is your children's fault. They did not raise them right. Your grandchildren can do no wrong.

Your grandchildren belong to you; however you do not own them. You do not own your children after they are eighteen years of age, however in the craziest way, you feel like you do.

Jack Lemon said after receiving an award for "Tuesday with Morrie", raised his award to the audience and said, "This is what I do, however my family is my life!" How may I serve Humanity with Humility? What can I do?

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