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Oct 21st 2017, 7:03 am
Posted by milanbauti
best travel blog sitemost popular blogs on the internet, www.singapore-press.club, In an attempt to help more ex- warriors with PTSD, the VA recently ran a research project to determine whether the very powerful anti-psychotic drug Risperdal would provide some relief. Here are the findings.

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business to business blogs The nightmares, anxiety and tensions that the veterans live with blogs for moms - http://www.singapore-press.club - enjoyment of life and following a usual life- style very difficult. Yet the research, reported by lead author and investigator Dr. J. Krystal reports that the more powerful drugs were also not as effective as hoped. The anti-psychotic Risperdal was the primary focuses of the research but doctors believe that the non- affect will include Abilify, Seroquel and Geodon as well. None of these is now thought to be helpful to PTSD to the degree that was projected. Some patients are helped but the vast numbers do not show a relief of symptoms. In fact, the study showed that the anti-psychotic was no more help to the veterans with PTSD than a sugar pill or placebo.

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